BIC Hackathon V 2.0, Event Proposal

Boston International College is one of the best colleges in Chitwan because of its student-Centered approach and learning environment. Boston International College not only indulges its students in academics but in many forms of extracurricular activities as well.

After the grand success of “BIC Hackathon V 1.0”, the students of Boston International College are planning to prolong this national level “BIC Hackathon V 2.0” inside the premises of Boston International College on 26th December 2022. BIC Hackathon is the first CodeFest event for programmers in Chitwan organized by students of Boston International College. Participants from different colleges around the country meet and work rapidly and often work without sleep to achieve their tasks.

We hereby present a sponsorship proposal for the event. The sponsorship and event details are enclosed herewith. Your contribution will be very helpful in making this event a successful one.

Note: Please find the attached Proposal below.

Sponsorship Proposal BIC Hackathon V 2.0

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